Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Year's Old!!!

Kyson is One!!! Time has flown by so fast, I honestly can't beleive it. It feels like yesterday when he was just coming home from the hospital. Now he is walking all over the place and getting into everything. I feel like he knew it was a special day the minute that he woke up. He was so excited to see mommy and daddy and enjoyed playing around with us. It was crazy because he really started walking a lot on his birthday. It was almost as if he said, "Today I am turning one, so I am going to start walking!" We had a little birthd
ay shirt for him to wear and a crown. We put them on him a little before our family birthday party. He loved wearing his crown, which was actually really surprising. I was almost sure that he would have taken it right off. We got some balloons for his birthday and he was absolutely amazed by them. He kept looking over at them and trying to grab them. One of them popped though and he was a little freaked out! We had a little family birthday party for him on Sunday and that was a lot of fun! He had a blast! I think that he really enjoyed all of the attention that he received. He had an alligator birthday cake and was a little hesitant about playing around in the cake. It was really funny because I actually put his hand in the cake and he gave me a look t
hat said, "How Dare You!" It was really funny! After a few minutes though he started to get the idea of making a mess. It wasn't log though until he flipped the cake off of his high chair onto Daddy's foot, everyone had a good laugh with that. He got a lot of really neat toys and some really cute clothes. Thank you everyone! As I said before Kyson absolutely loved the attention that he received on his birthday. In fact the next day he had a really hard time because he was exhausted and
I think that he missed all of the attention that he was getting the day before. He is such a joy and brings us so much happiness. I could not imagine my life
without him and I love him so much! We love you Kyson Jay!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

11 Month's Old

Well, I am a little late. Kyson turned 11 months on June 24th. I can't beleive how fast time has gone. It feels like yesterday when Brock and I brought him home for the first time. I was scared to death because I no longer had nurses telling me what I needed to do. I was afraid that I wasn't going to do anything right and that my little boy would be in trouble ;) Although I still have lots to learn and am no where near perfect, Kyson is doing good! I absolutey love being a mom and he is the sweetest little guy. As of right now, Kyson crawls extremely fast, gets into anything and everything, walks across the furniture, pulls himself onto just about anything, walks with his toy walker, signs more, blows bubbles, and brings mommy and daddy more joy then he will ever know. He is such a happy baby and were so lucky to have him in our life. Still doesn't like the swimming pool, but were working on that. Oh... and he absolutely loves the vacume, he follows vacume around and loves the noise it makes. When he gets excited his entire body shakes and he has the most adorable smile. He is extremely tickilish, especially when he is tired. He is very much a daredevil and it seems as though he is not afraid of anything, except for the car wash :) He is absolutely adorable and we love him so much! Happy 11 month's Ky! We love you!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kyson's Puppies

Well... I wish we could say that we have real life, actual puppies, but for now we have to settle with Kyson's two stuffed animal puppies. We bought him a stuffed animal puppy when he was a newborn and as he has gotten older he has never really seemed interested in it, in fact I don't even think he knows its there. Then his Uncle Chad gave him a really cute stuffed animal puppy that he has just fallen in love with (thanks Uncle Chad!). He loves to give it cuddles and today I found out that he likes to wrestle it to the ground. A lot of times when he is playing with his toys, I will pick up his favorite puppy and start to move it around and make barking noises. Today when I was chasing him with the puppy, Kyson turned around and fell right onto the puppy. It was so cute. He would then give it cuddles, and wrestle it to the ground again. He is just to adorable!!! I wish I could of gotten pictures but the camera memory is full. I will have to get pictures next time he does it.

Also... Kyson is starting to learn sign language. Today he learned the sign for more. It was really cute because when he was taking a bath tonight he started to do the more sign when I turned off the faucet. He is just getting so big. A month from yesterday he will be one years old!!! It makes me a little sad, they just grow up way too fast.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Learning to Eat on His Own!

It has been really hard getting Kyson to eat lately. If he can't do it on his own, he won't eat. I call him Mr. Independent! This morning I had the hardest time getting him to eat his breakfast. I decided that it was time to get him to start feeding himself. I gave him the spoon and he went at it. He actually did a lot better then I thought. Of course a lot of the food did not make it in his mouth, but he understood that the spoon goes in his mouth. Now we just need him to learn that as soon as he gets the food on his spoon, he can't fling it everywhere before he puts it up to his mouth. He really loves it because once he puts the spoon in his mouth we clap, then he throws his spoon down and starts to clap as well, it's adorable! Anyways, we will keep working at this and hopefully sometime soon he will be a self feeder!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A beautiful Summer day!

Today Brock and I went for a drive in the Mustang through the Nebo Loop. Well kind of, most of the loop was closed so we had to take a detour. It was so much fun though and absolutely beautiful. Personally, I felt that the Nebo loop is much more beautiful then Alpine. However, both are breath taking. While we were on our drive, Kyson was able to spend some time with his Great Grandpa and Grandma. He had so much fun with them! My grandparents absolutely adore him and enjoyed having him over. They took him to the park where he was able to swing on the baby swing and then Kyson took a nap with Great Grandpa!

After we got back from the loop Brock and I had a lot of homework to do. Kyson did not want to take his second nap, so I decided that we would try out the swimming pool again. He did a little better today, but any chance he had of getting out he would try and take. If I got him playing with a toy then he would be fine, but once he realized what I was doing he instantly tried climbing out of the pool. He was quite the little stinker today :)

As I stated before, Kyson did not take a afternoon nap and while at his great grandparents house he only took about a thirty minute morning nap, so by the end of the day he was extremely fussy. We decided that we would take him for a walk to help calm him down. About ten minutes into our walk, he had completely fallen asleep and when we got home he crashed and was pretty easy to get to bed.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best summers that Brock and I have had. Next week the summer is about to change though. Brock will be in school every day, all day long! Kyson and I will just have to bust out the swimming pool and have fun at the park.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swimming Pool!

Well, Kyson got a new swimming pool the other day. He loves the bath tub and so we assumed that he would love the swimming pool. Especially since we had taken him to a swimming pool in California and loved it. However, his little pool does not have heated water and only fits him, so he is not the biggest fan. We are thinking/hoping that as the days get warmer and he has more time in the pool, that he will start enjoying it more. It was cute to see him in it though, he started playing with his bath toys but he just could not get over the cold. We shall see what the summer brings :)

We have also been taking Kyson on walks every night and he has loved it! There is a cute little park over by where we live and a creek runs along it. Every night we walk along the creek and he seems to love the sound of the water. Just the other day as we were walking along we saw a duck and her cute little babies. Kyson could not take his eyes off of them, it was so sweet!

Kyson is also enjoying the swing!!! He absolutely loves the swing and literally shakes with excitement every time we are near it and when he is in it. It has been so fun taking him to the park and enjoying the outdoors with him. Next week we will be taking him camping and I think that he will really enjoy it! We will take lots of pictures ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Owlz Game

Tonight Brock and I took Kyson to the Owlz game. We went to the game with Taylor and Chad, it was so much fun! Kyson absolutely loved the game! In fact he was getting so excited that he started waving his arms and would clap when people started cheering. At the end of the game, before the fireworks started, Brock put Kyson on his shoulders. Kyson started getting so excited that everyone around him started to laugh. He was so adorable! I can honestly say that he enjoys the sport which makes him fit right into the Westover clan! He really loved Hoot the Owl, we were so surprised that he was not scared of the mascot. Everytime that Hoot would come buy, he would stand up and watch him walk away. He kept trying to find him! Kyson also loved the fireworks! It was a great start to a fun summer!