Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swimming Pool!

Well, Kyson got a new swimming pool the other day. He loves the bath tub and so we assumed that he would love the swimming pool. Especially since we had taken him to a swimming pool in California and loved it. However, his little pool does not have heated water and only fits him, so he is not the biggest fan. We are thinking/hoping that as the days get warmer and he has more time in the pool, that he will start enjoying it more. It was cute to see him in it though, he started playing with his bath toys but he just could not get over the cold. We shall see what the summer brings :)

We have also been taking Kyson on walks every night and he has loved it! There is a cute little park over by where we live and a creek runs along it. Every night we walk along the creek and he seems to love the sound of the water. Just the other day as we were walking along we saw a duck and her cute little babies. Kyson could not take his eyes off of them, it was so sweet!

Kyson is also enjoying the swing!!! He absolutely loves the swing and literally shakes with excitement every time we are near it and when he is in it. It has been so fun taking him to the park and enjoying the outdoors with him. Next week we will be taking him camping and I think that he will really enjoy it! We will take lots of pictures ;)

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