Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kyson is finally here!!!!

So this post is about a month late as of today actually. If you didn't know our son Kyson Jay was born on July 24 at 11:26 am, he weighed just 6lbs and 15oz and 19 inches long. This was the most amazing day of our lives! Kate actually was going in to the hospital for a checkup on the 23 when they decided to induce! I was working for Jeremy (my older brother) at a car wash up in Draper when I found out our son would be coming a week early. I was totally happy with it. I actually prayed a selfish prayer and asked God for him to let Kyson come a week early cause waiting any longer was gonna kill us. Looks like my prayer was answered. 18 and a half hours of labor, I was in the delivery room along with Kate's mom Mikki. Seeing the birth of my first son had to be the best moment of my life! I couldn't believe that he was finally here. He was perfect! I wouldn't change him for anything. Needless to say Kate's and my life have changed completely since that little ball of joy came into our lives. We are now used to getting 4-6 hours of sleep (if were lucky) and surprisingly changing diapers as well. I was lucky enough to not have ever changed a diaper before Kyson, well now i can say i have no idea how many diapers I personally have changed. For the record Kate probably has changed more than i have but its all good. We will try to be on top of the blogging thing to keep up with his life!