Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kyson is finally here!!!!

So this post is about a month late as of today actually. If you didn't know our son Kyson Jay was born on July 24 at 11:26 am, he weighed just 6lbs and 15oz and 19 inches long. This was the most amazing day of our lives! Kate actually was going in to the hospital for a checkup on the 23 when they decided to induce! I was working for Jeremy (my older brother) at a car wash up in Draper when I found out our son would be coming a week early. I was totally happy with it. I actually prayed a selfish prayer and asked God for him to let Kyson come a week early cause waiting any longer was gonna kill us. Looks like my prayer was answered. 18 and a half hours of labor, I was in the delivery room along with Kate's mom Mikki. Seeing the birth of my first son had to be the best moment of my life! I couldn't believe that he was finally here. He was perfect! I wouldn't change him for anything. Needless to say Kate's and my life have changed completely since that little ball of joy came into our lives. We are now used to getting 4-6 hours of sleep (if were lucky) and surprisingly changing diapers as well. I was lucky enough to not have ever changed a diaper before Kyson, well now i can say i have no idea how many diapers I personally have changed. For the record Kate probably has changed more than i have but its all good. We will try to be on top of the blogging thing to keep up with his life!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Katies Pregnant!!!!!!

Yes, thats right, Kate is Pregnant! Actually just about 5 months now so a little late on the "blogging" part but its all in good time. SO YOU WANNA HEAR THE STORY DO YA? DO YA? Ok i'll tell you the story, It all started when Katie and I got back from Palm Springs California for thanksgiving. Katie's grandparents and snowbirds so they move out there for the winter and live in Springville in the spring and summer. So needless to say, it was in the 70's for Thanksgiving, nice change from the cold utah weather. We returned sunday night, Katie had been feeling a little different and decided to take the pregnancy test with out telling me. I was checking the scores from the football games that day. I was excited! My titans won again! As I was getting ready to tell Katie, she came out of the bathroom glowing and excitedly told me she was pregnant! WHAT?!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! I was flabbergasted! Me, being very logical (katie hates this about e but oh well) had to get more proof! So we went to the only store open that sunday night which was Walgreens and got 2 more tests! (Kate was worried she didn't have enough urine but i needed to know haha.) Sure enough, two more positives! Thats a total of three tests! So thats the story! Pretty cool stuff. Needless to say Katie and I are very excited for our new addition come August 1st. As of right now we still don't know what it is but we will find out the middle of next month so hopefully it comes fast. Kate and I both don't care what it is, were just happy to start our family!