Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Year's Old!!!

Kyson is One!!! Time has flown by so fast, I honestly can't beleive it. It feels like yesterday when he was just coming home from the hospital. Now he is walking all over the place and getting into everything. I feel like he knew it was a special day the minute that he woke up. He was so excited to see mommy and daddy and enjoyed playing around with us. It was crazy because he really started walking a lot on his birthday. It was almost as if he said, "Today I am turning one, so I am going to start walking!" We had a little birthd
ay shirt for him to wear and a crown. We put them on him a little before our family birthday party. He loved wearing his crown, which was actually really surprising. I was almost sure that he would have taken it right off. We got some balloons for his birthday and he was absolutely amazed by them. He kept looking over at them and trying to grab them. One of them popped though and he was a little freaked out! We had a little family birthday party for him on Sunday and that was a lot of fun! He had a blast! I think that he really enjoyed all of the attention that he received. He had an alligator birthday cake and was a little hesitant about playing around in the cake. It was really funny because I actually put his hand in the cake and he gave me a look t
hat said, "How Dare You!" It was really funny! After a few minutes though he started to get the idea of making a mess. It wasn't log though until he flipped the cake off of his high chair onto Daddy's foot, everyone had a good laugh with that. He got a lot of really neat toys and some really cute clothes. Thank you everyone! As I said before Kyson absolutely loved the attention that he received on his birthday. In fact the next day he had a really hard time because he was exhausted and
I think that he missed all of the attention that he was getting the day before. He is such a joy and brings us so much happiness. I could not imagine my life
without him and I love him so much! We love you Kyson Jay!

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