Monday, June 20, 2011

The Owlz Game

Tonight Brock and I took Kyson to the Owlz game. We went to the game with Taylor and Chad, it was so much fun! Kyson absolutely loved the game! In fact he was getting so excited that he started waving his arms and would clap when people started cheering. At the end of the game, before the fireworks started, Brock put Kyson on his shoulders. Kyson started getting so excited that everyone around him started to laugh. He was so adorable! I can honestly say that he enjoys the sport which makes him fit right into the Westover clan! He really loved Hoot the Owl, we were so surprised that he was not scared of the mascot. Everytime that Hoot would come buy, he would stand up and watch him walk away. He kept trying to find him! Kyson also loved the fireworks! It was a great start to a fun summer!

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