Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kyson's Puppies

Well... I wish we could say that we have real life, actual puppies, but for now we have to settle with Kyson's two stuffed animal puppies. We bought him a stuffed animal puppy when he was a newborn and as he has gotten older he has never really seemed interested in it, in fact I don't even think he knows its there. Then his Uncle Chad gave him a really cute stuffed animal puppy that he has just fallen in love with (thanks Uncle Chad!). He loves to give it cuddles and today I found out that he likes to wrestle it to the ground. A lot of times when he is playing with his toys, I will pick up his favorite puppy and start to move it around and make barking noises. Today when I was chasing him with the puppy, Kyson turned around and fell right onto the puppy. It was so cute. He would then give it cuddles, and wrestle it to the ground again. He is just to adorable!!! I wish I could of gotten pictures but the camera memory is full. I will have to get pictures next time he does it.

Also... Kyson is starting to learn sign language. Today he learned the sign for more. It was really cute because when he was taking a bath tonight he started to do the more sign when I turned off the faucet. He is just getting so big. A month from yesterday he will be one years old!!! It makes me a little sad, they just grow up way too fast.

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